Matched Graphics Palette

Matched Graphics Palette

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Matched Graphics Palette, a noble knight's shield on hand.

A dot pixel represents as red, green, and blue can each take on 256 values (0 through 255) as two Hexadecimals in a row by column contains within a mathematical matrix.

Laplace and Lorentz transformation from differential equations to algebraic equations.

Fourier transform on time and frequency domain.

Employed Schrödinger equation's Hamiltonian operator times wave function = Eigenvalue times wave function to convert particles to waves and waves to particles on a three dimensional mathematical graphical matrix. Where the Schrödinger cat in the black box can now be seen as both the actual real life colored cat particles with eyes, nose, ears, mouth, furs, body and as the heated energized cat's body waves where the cold temperature represented as blue/hot temperature represented as red with full red to purple variable colored temperature. That will be sufficed to explain how the real life graphics converted to heated waves temperaturized mathematical matrix and mathematical matrix to graphs. With additional capabilities such as rotation, translation, and transformation of the graphical body in a x,y,z axis matrix or rotation, translation, transformation conversion to mathematical equations in a form of matrix algebra that depicts the actual graphical body's movement. With additional more powerful abilities such as dx/dt, dy/dt, dz/dt, d/dt and integrals to accurately describe a cat's life in a black box using d/dt timed and integral from t=0 to t= 98 or reversed time reversed temperature from t=-98 to t=0 mathematical equations to draw actual day and night cat's life animation. Of course the possibilities of equipping/representing all four equations, ordinary differential equation, partial differential equation, integral calculus, and lambda calculus on both the timed and reversed time condition. An agilent/antisocial particle/wave entered into the picture and thus changing the entirety of the graphical matrix and its associated mathematical equations... to be continued.

1st order, 2nd order, 3rd order, 4th order ...etc Ordinary differential, partial differential, integral calculus, lambda calculus matrix algebra to real life scenery graph and temperaturized heated graph; Temperaturized heated graph and real life scenery graph to back to ordinary differential, partial differential, integral calculus, lambda calculus matrix algebra Recursion[ lambda[lambda[lambda[lambda[f(x)f(y)f(z)]]]] ] on dt/d time and d/dt frequency domain.

Hexadecimal to binary, binary to hexadecimal conversion.

Solid, liquid, gas matrix matched with a solid, liquid, gas matrix.

Duplicating/removing smaller matrix or adding/subtracting mathematical equation from a much bigger matrix or a much larger mathematical equation.